Hey Hey HEy

As you saw on the homepage, I'm soso happy you are here. First things first, I'm Julia. Based out of a teeny little city called Bangor, Maine. (but I'll gladly go anywhere for you) I'm 23 years old and still working out the wonders of the universe while trying to be an adult (lol). But really, photography is my life and has saved my life, and it's what puts a smile on my face day in and day out.

At 5 years old my dad started to teach me what it means to take a good photo, and that not one is exactly the same. I learned that thinking outside the box and using your own perspective is what makes the art beautiful, and what tells a story. With these tricks he taught me, and working with my clients, I tell YOUR story in photos the best way I can. Because like with photos, not one is exactly the same.

When we meet you'll definitely learn more, but heres some little tidbits about me to hold you over:

  • I have a little kitty named Cheesecake (I will probably mention her a lot)
  • There's a painting of me in a museum
  • I'm a complete goof and I love to joke around a bit (I probably will with you!!)
  • The only show I have watched the entire way through is Parks and Recreation
  • Die hard Taylor Swift fan

I could go on, but if you wanna learn more I guess you'll have to meet me now. (hehe) Seriously, thanks so much again for stopping by and I hope to meet you soon, let's do this thang.

Photo By Taylor Jan Photography, Edited By yours truly